About Us

Shutterpen.com is a free blogging platform where its members can post their own blog about their day-to-day photography, upload their photos and videos, join forums to share and discuss their thoughts and chat with each other. Our mission to encourage everyone to share their photography and stories behind them.

Most of us take photographs. We believe that one doesn't need expensive gear or to go to exotic places to take good photographs. Just like beautiful poetry doesn't need expensive pen and paper, or an eye-catching painting doesn't need exclusive canvas or pigments. Gear and equipment do help though in some cases, however, all you really need to take a good photograph is an imaginative mind that wants to capture a moment of what you see, or in some cases even, what you don't.

We think photography is a medium of expression. In shutterpen.com, we want to encourage everyone to get in the mindset of making serious photography a regular habit of their day-to-day life, to tell their thoughts and feelings using their photographs. To create a small community of everyday photographers to share their vision, knowledge, experience, emotions, and stories.


If you are interested in photography, irrespective of your knowledge, skill, and equipment, please join shutterpen.com to explore priceless moments around us, to see simple things with a touch of imagination. 

Meet The Team


Tirtha Pratim

Founder and owner