Frequently asked questions

What is

​ is a community of everyday photographers to share their photos and stories. For more information please visit our About us page.


What I can do in Shutterpen?

​As a visitor you can browse through our Album and Blog pages. As a member you can upload your photos in our Gallery, create and publish your own blog (upon approval),  take part in member forums and chat with other members.

How to become a blog writer in

​As you can understand, not everybody wants to be a blog writer. Blog writer is an added role and hence, more menu items and options to manage. We don't want to overwhelm any member with blog writer responsibilities unless the respected member want to be a blog writer. So, you'll not be a blog writer on sign up by default. However, if you want to become a blog writer, you are most welcome and appreciated. All you need to do is to send us a line using our Contact us form letting us know that you want to be a blog writer. We'll change your membership permission accordingly upon verification. That's it - you'll be able to publish your own blog in

Is there any membership or subscription fee?

​No. is absolutely free for everyone.

Will I get paid if I write blog or upload photos in Shutterpen?

​No. will not pay money for writing blog or uploading photos. Membership and any contributions are absolutely voluntary. 

How to become a Shutterpen member?

Click on the Log in / Sign up button on the top of the screen. You can register your membership with Shutterpen using your Google or Facebook account or any other valid email id.

Do I need to provide my personal information to Shutterpen?

We collect basic account information from Google and Facebook like your name, email and phone (optional) for membership and communication purposes. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition pages.

What is the best way to contact  Shutterpen?

Please use our Contact us form, we'll address your question/concern/feedback/request as soon as possible.

Does Shutterpen support multiple languages?

No, Shutterpen currently does not support any language other than English.

Is there any restriction on type of content that I can upload in Shutterpen?

Yes. Please visit our Guidelines section for more information.

Can I create my own album?

No. Shutterpen currently does not support shared album from members. If  you want to create and publish your own album to showcase your work, please contact using our Contact us form. We'll work with you to publish your own album upon approval form Shutterpen Editor. It's free. You'll not pay any money and Shutterpen will pay you any.

Can I share someone else's work in social media and other places?

Yes you can share someone else's work in social media as long as you do it as is using the Share link/button direct from Shutterpen, with all due credit link back to the creator of that work into

You strongly recommend that visit our Help section and read our Privacy Policy, our Terms and condition and our Guidelines sections thoroughly . If you ever have any question or comment, we'd love to hear from you. Please use our Contact us form to give us your feedback without any hesitation.

Thanks and Enjoy Shutterpen.